Our festival aims to celebrate women in the industry. Our goal is to put a spotlight on those filmmakers who are still underrepresented and give them the recognition they so rightly deserve.

We have an all-female panel of judges, and we celebrate films that empower female producers, directors, writers and/or protagonists. We welcome all films that focus on women’s stories or experiences. We accept all domestic and international film submissions.

All films entered are required to have two or greater of the following different specified creative roles fulfilled by women: Director(s), Writer(s), Cinematographer(s), Producer(s), Composer, SFX Artist, Editor, Production Designer and/or lead talent). Any unproduced screenplay or TV pilot must be written by women.

******* Every submission will get feedback********* 

The festival full-lineup will be announced in June 2019. Opening night will include a cocktail reception for filmmakers and attendees. The festival will close with an award ceremony followed by a Pink Gala. The festival will run at various NYC hot spots.

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