Female Voices Rock was founded in order to help promote, nurture and produce stories through the female perspective. As women in the world, we are made to feel less and encouraged daily to behave in a certain way. Although we have come a long way, we are not nearly there yet. We need more women in the industry in order to overcome the sexualizes stigma. We live in one of the most diverse societies in the world, and it's important that the stories that come out to reflect this. 

FVR believes in women and that good stories should be able to reach wider audiences and not be defined by borders, gender or sexual orientation. 

#FemaleVoicesRock at the movie premiere of "Good Enough" Written and Directed by Anna Rose King. 


Storytelling is truly essential for all human existence,  and the passage of stories from generation to generation has been the strongest way to create compassion, empathy, and understanding.